Friday, June 03, 2005

Project Area and Organizations

The technical cooperation project will be undertaken in selected settlements of the NCD. Through earlier works, 12 settlements have been selected as candidates for the pilot project implementation. The existing conditions in these settlements will be studied with the participation of the local residents, and the areas and the scope of the pilot projects determined.
The technical cooperation will be undertaken for officials of two counterpart agencies: the Department for Community Development (DfCD) and NCDC. Also the Department of National Planning and Rural Development (DNPRD) will be directly involved with the project.
Two organizations are established for the implementation of the project. The Joint Implementation Committee (JIC) consists of officials of DfCD and NCDC, local NGOs/consultants, representatives of settlement residents, and the JICA consultant. JIC will be the joint implementing agency for the project. The Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) comprises the DfCD secretary and the NCDC city manager, the DNPRD representatives, and representatives of the related Japanese organizations including JICA itself. JCC will supervise and coordinate the operation of the project works.


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